The Department of General Administration is one of the Departments under the Directorate of Administration. It was created on the 2nd August, 2010. The Department currently has about 89 members of staff across all its units in the hospital.  The Department of General Administration however comprises of four(4) units and supervises security unit. The four units include the following:

·        Drivers unit

·        Environmental unit

·        Laundry unit

·        Tailoring unit

·         Security unit



1. As part of our departmental responsibilities, we ensure regular cleaning and maintenance service of our vehicles

2. We manage all the vehicular activities within the hospital premises, these include parking, security, fueling, vehicles insurance and particular renewals.

3. We supervise our drivers to ensure effectiveness and efficiency on their respective duties.


In environmental unit of the department, we manages and maintains a safe hospital environment by providing the following responsibilities.

1. Effective management of hospital medical waste supervision of   the laborers cutting over-grown weeds within the hospital environmen

2. Supervision of cleaning outfit in charge of hospital cleanliness

3. Seasonal fumigation of hospital environment

4. General supervision of the unit in order to achieve optimum discipline and efficiency at work.



1. Department of General administration supervise and manages the hospital security architecture to ensure that the ultimate aim of the Management is achieved which is to protect the staff, patients, visitors. Also ensure that all hospital property are secured.

2. As a Department, we monitor their patrol activities in and out of the hospital so as to protect         vandalism, theft, fire outbreak and any disturbances within the hospital environment.

3. We evaluate their performance almost on monthly basis due to the sensitivity of the security  activities.

4. We always take time to examine their number of work force beat by beat to ensure efficiency.

5. We advise and encourage good conduct among the hospital security officers.


Laundry as one of the unit under General Administration Department receives all the linen materials from different sections of the hospital such as Wards, General Outpatients Department (OPD) and some offices.  Laundry is a unit where all the linen material in the hospital undergo process of Sorting, Washing, Extracting, Drying, Ironing, Folding, Mending and Delivery to the needed quarters.  However, all these activities are supervised and managed by the General Administration Department.


1. The Tailoring unit of the department is in charge of constructing, altering and modifying garments for the hospital usage.  The unit usually assists the Management in fabric selection for a particular unit uniform, overall, pillow cases, face marks and bed spread.

2. As a department, we supervise and manage all above activities of the unit to ensure that the unit does not fall short of the management’s expectations.

Head of Department

Mr. Abe Lawrence Ojo

Mr. Abe Lawrence Ojo

The current Head of Department of General Administration. He hails from Ikere Ekiti in Ikere Local Government area of Ekiti state. Mr. Abe Lawrence Ojo completed his primary and secondary education in Ikere Ekiti in 1982. He is a graduate of Social Studies from Ondo State University, Ado Ekiti now Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti in 1999. Mr. Abe Lawrence Ojo started his career as class room Teacher between January, 1993 and March, 2020. He was gainfully employed as Hospital secretary by the Hospital Management Board (HMB) and he was posted to General Hospital, Ayede-Ekiti in April, 2020. He also worked in the same capacity in the following State specialist hospitals. State specialist Hospital, Ikole Ekiti Oct., 2001 – March 2004 State specialist Hospital, Ikere Ekiti April 2004 – Oct 2007 State specialist Hospital, Ado Ekiti Oct. 2007 – April 2008 Mr. Abe Lawrence Ojo was the pioneer Acting Director of Administration following the inception of Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital between (April, 2008 and May, 2010). He has since then worked as Head, Department of Works and Department of Establishment and Training. He is Licentiate member of Institute of Hospital Service Administrators of Nigeria (IHSAN) MR. ABE LAWRENCE OJO’S PERSONAL ATTRIBUTE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING: He is reliable, responsible, and hardworking, He possess excellent time keeping skill, He is a mature team worker and adaptable to all challenging situation Ultimately, he is a complete gentle man.