The Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), Ado-Ekiti was established by the edict of the Ekiti State House of Assembly that was assented to by the Governor of the State in April 2008. It was formerly known as the state specialist hospital, Ado Ekiti. The Department of Medicine is one of the core clinical Departments that took off with the commencement of activities in the Teaching Hospital.

Since inception, the hospital has attracted specialists trained all over the country to provides secondary and tertiary medical care and is also involved in training of high and middle level man-power for health industry.

The Department runs both Emergency and medical outpatient services in addition to inpatient services and academic activities. In addition, the Department provide clinical clerkship opportunities for medical students.

We operate on FIRM basis; each firm being manned by at least a Consultant physician. Currently we have FOUR firms designated as follows;

            Firm A= cardiology and respiratory

            Firm B= Nephrology and GIT

            Firm C= Endocrine and Pharmacology

            Firm D= Neurology and Dermatology

The Department has 88 beds distributed as follows:

  1. Emergency Department          35
  2. Male Medical Ward                25
  3. Female Medical Ward             25
  4. Renal Unit                               3

Past visitations and accreditation by WACP

The Department was visited in year 2011 and 2015 and following a thorough exercise, a partial accreditation was granted. However, in 2018 5year full accreditation was given by the West African College of Physician for the training of resident doctors. Currently the Department is pursuing subspecialty accreditation in four of the core specialties.


-          Consultant ward rounds at least once weekly per firm.

-          Senior Registrars ward round.

-          Registrars ward round daily.

-          Bedside teaching/demonstration.

-          Journal club review / Clinicopathological conference- Every last Thursday of the month.

-          Morbidity and Mortality meeting / Clinico-radiological conference – Every first Thursday of the month

-          Postgraduate seminar/Grand round-Every 2nd and 3rd Thursdays of the month

-          Morning review- Every morning by 8:15am

-          Consultant Outpatient clinics- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays , Fridays

-          HIV clinic –(Tues, Wed, Thurs)

Other services and hands-on rendered by the department

  • Renal biopsy
  • Skin biopsy
  • Liver biopsy
  • HBA1C
  • Haemodialysis
Personnel of Department of Medicine

The department has the following:

  1. Nine (8) full time and 1 locum consultants in the following subspecialties: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Nephrology and pulmonology, Clinical pharmacology, Neurology
  2. Eleven (11) Senior Registrars.
  3. Five (4) Registrars.
  4. House Officers on rotation.


NAME                      QUALIFICATION                  SUBSPECIALTY
DR. E.A. AJAYI       MBBS, FWACP                      CARDIOLOGY
DR. T.H. RAIMI       MBBS, FMCP                         ENDOCRINOLOGY
DR. S.A DADA        MBBS, FWACP                      NEPHROLOGY
DR FADARE            MBBS, FMCP                        CLINCAL PHARMACOLOGY 
DR ADEKEYE          MBBS, FMCP                        NEUROLOGIST
DR DELE OJO         MBBS, FMCP                        CARDIOLOGY
DR OLOWOYO       MBBS, FWACP                      NEUROLOGY(LOCUM) 


-          Main hospital laboratory department.

-          A side Laboratory attached to the female medical ward which serves both Male Medical Ward and Female Medical Ward.

-          A physiotherapy department with Nine(9) physiotherapists.

-          Radiology department manned by three (3) consultant  Radiologists and residents doctors.

-          Wireless internet facility in the hospital library.

-          A hospital library with internet facility and WHO/HINARI access facility.

-          A Departmental  library.

-          Functional dialysis Unit with 3 machines and nephrology nurses.

-          Echocardiographic Facility .

-          Psychiatry department manned by three (3) consultants.

-          A well-stocked pharmacy

-          Renal Dialysis unit

Head of Department

Dr. Samuel Ayokunle

Dr. Samuel Ayokunle

Dr. Samuel Ayokunle Dada is a physician and nephrologist who earned the Fellowship of the West African College of Physician in the year 2011 before joining Ekiti State University in 2012. He started his medical training as a year one medical student in University of Ilorin where he graduated with MBBS Honour and won the M.O. Adekeye (AMATRACO) annual award for the best student in Medicine in 2000. He received his residency training in Internal Medicine at University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital Dada S.A began his academic career as a Lecturer 1 at college of Medicine, Ekiti State University in 2012. He rose to the position of a senior Lecturer in 2016. He taught the preclinical student the physiology of the renal system as an associate Lecturer in the University and also double as clinical instructor and teacher for the clinical students and Honourary consultant in the Department of Medicine at Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital. Among other responsibilities in the university, he is a member of COBES Committee (community-Based Education and Services). 2014, member ADHOC Committee on development of a website for the faculty of clinical sciences, Level coordinator for the 200-level medical student 2014. He has an excellent ability to remain good-humored and unflappable under pressure. His area of research interest is general nephrology, acute and chronic renal failure. Honours and awards: Recipient of the M.O. Adekeye (AMOTRACO) annual award for the best student in medicine in University of Ilorin. Honorary Degree (MBBS) from University of Ilorin. Nigeria.